You Can Trust S&W Foundation Contractors With Drilled Concrete Piers for Commercial Applications

Our drilled concrete piers are used for underpinning existing and supporting new construction foundations for commercial buildings. Piers are added to a foundation system to extend the system to or into subsurface strata that are deeper and more stable than the near-surface soil that supports an existing or will support a new foundation.

The foundation of your building is the support for the overall structure. When your foundation starts to settle or heave, you will need a company who you can trust that specializes in limited access drilling, like S&W Foundation Contractors to correct the issues using drilled concrete piers.

Commercial Turnkey Piers

Our turnkey drilled concrete pier option includes drilling of the shaft, with a bell or rock penetration if necessary, reinforcing steel, and pouring of concrete.

If you have a need for commercial drilled concrete piers please forward us your plans to include drawings with the number of piers, pier diameter, pier depth, bell width or rock penetration.

You can send this information via mail, fax or email it to [email protected] or call:

Residential Building Plans


Do you know what type of foundation supports your home?

Here in Texas, the most typically used residential foundation types are concrete slabs and pier & beam.

Concrete Slab Foundation

A common structural foundation element of modern homes that is mostly about 4 inches thick constructed with concrete and reinforcing steel. Concrete slabs are typically constructed directly on subsoil and are ground bearing.

Pier & Beam Foundation

A structural foundation consists of a perimeter grade beam and numerous piers within the grade beam that support wooden beams (girders) and joists.

Almost all homes will have some sort of seasonal movement but a lot will succumb to settlement due to soil moisture fluctuations or insufficient soil bearing capacity.

Once this happens it will typically get worse in the future. With S&W Foundation, you will get prompt and reliable foundation repair using drilled concrete piers that you can trust.


With over 30 years of experience with drilling concrete piers for repair issues or new construction, S&W Foundation Contractors can handle the drilled concrete pier needs for your project.

You may need drilled piers for foundation repair if you notice:

  • Brick or mortar cracks
  • Drywall Cracks
  • Uneven Floors
  • Grade Beam Cracks
  • Sticking Doors or Windows
  • Gaps In Window and Door Frames or Trim
  • Leaning Chimney

If you are located in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, contact any independent engineer of your choice to perform an evaluation of your home. Once you have received your engineering report with a plan of repair, you can forward it to us by mail, fax, or email it to [email protected]. Please include your contact info. We will review the report and provide you a bid for the project. If a visit to the property is necessary due to obstacles, interior piers, or limited access we will contact you to set an appointment.

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