Your home or business’ foundation isn’t going to last forever. Foundation repairs are needed from time to time, but catching problems before they become worse can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

The foundation repair experts at S&W Foundation know the signs of a failing foundation and how to repair it.

Here are a few signs of a failing foundation that you can look for.

Cracking Above Windows and Doors

Most people associate cracks above windows and doors as just the house or building settling. While this can certainly be the case, it can also mean that the foundation is shifting or giving way in certain areas.

Another sign of a shifting foundation is when doors don’t close properly. If you’ve noticed this in your home, then you need to contact foundation repair experts to take a look at your foundation.

Poor Soil Quality

Since Texas is prone to dry periods every year, the soil can start to crumble. If you have a slab foundation, then crumbling soil underneath can cause the slab to crack due to the lack of support from the soil. If you walk through your yard and notice that it crumbles in spots under your feet, then chances are it’s doing the same thing under the weight of your slab foundation.

Slab foundation repair will get more expensive to repair when the damage gets worse. It’s best to have your residential or commercial foundation repaired as soon as you notice the problem.

Exterior Cracks in Your Home

Brick structures are particularly prone to cracks for a variety of reasons. Bricks are particularly porous and retain water during the rainy season. When the dry season occurs, bricks contract due to lack of moisture adding stress to the brick itself. A failing wall can also cause cracks in a brick building. When bricks begin to crack and fall apart, a foundation specialist will be needed to assess the damage and determine the cause.

Water Near Your Foundation

If you’ve noticed water pooling in your basement or near certain areas of your home’s exterior, then you should be concerned. The water has to go somewhere and it will slowly tunnel underneath your home causing foundation problems. A foundation repair expert might suggest you install a french drain to keep water from flowing underneath your home.

S&W Foundation Repair Can Help

Foundation problems that are left alone for too long are costly to repair in most cases. Contact us to take care of your foundation’s problem before it gets worse.