Limited Access Pier Drilling

Harnessing the experience and talent of 30 years in the construction business, the foundation repair professionals of S&W Foundation will help you finish any complex limited access pier drilling project.

Do you have a project that requires digging in excess of 100 feet? Does your project call for drill shafts more than 10 feet in diameter? We’re your Dallas-area partner for foundation repair and large-scale pier drilling. Read on to discover how we can help with your commercial foundation needs.

The Process of Limited Access Pier DrillingCommercial Foundation Project

The process of inserting drilled piers into the ground occurs when a building project or foundation repair job requires a deep foundation system. Concrete cylinders with large diameters are inserted into the ground with reinforced steel. The piers are sometimes referred to as caissons or cast-in-drilled hole piles.

A foundation company may use one of two methods to construct a foundation system including a drilled pier or a bored pile. In most cases, drilled piers are used when the diameter of the shaft must exceed 0.6 meters, and a bore pile is used when the diameter only needs to be 0.6 meters or less. The purpose of constructing a deep foundation is to deal with heavy axial or lateral loads that the piers will hold well below surface level.

The process for creating drilled piers usually requires three main phases that include excavating the site, creating the supports, and filling the site with concrete. The excavation phase may utilize an auger drill, which will rotate and dig deep into the ground. The drill fills with soil as it digs, and the drill is raised and the soil emptied at regular intervals.

The type of ground in which the piers must be installed may impact the type of limited access pier drilling equipment and fill required. For example, a foundation that will exist under the water table may require a casing. A hole that must be drilled through rock may require a machine capable of drilling through something tougher than soil.

The Advantages of Using Drilled Piers

When we discuss your project, we may find that using drilled piers will offer the most stable option for your commercial foundation project. Some of the benefits of using drilled piers include:

  • Inserting drilled piers may offer a less-intrusive construction experience
  • A single drilled pier is as strong as several smaller piers
  • The finished foundation will not experience ground heaving
  • Drilled piers are usable even in the case of ground filled with large rocks

Count on S&W Foundation Repair for Your Commercial Foundation

We have the expertise and equipment required to assist in any of the following commercial grade pier drilling, foundation repair, and construction projects:

  • Drilled Piers (Caissons)
  • Large Diameter Straight Caissons
  • Bridge Piers
  • Commercial Foundation Drilled Shafts
  • Cell Tower Piers
  • Electrical Substation Piers
  • Transmission Line Foundations
  • Secant Pile Walls
  • Soldier Pile Walls

If you’re in the planning stages of a significant pier drilling project, or you require foundation repair in Dallas for your commercial property, contact S&W Foundation Repair to talk to one of our experienced foundation repair professionals.