Mudjacking Services

S&W Foundation offers mudjacking services as an alternative to traditional concrete replacement. Mudjacking is considered a less expensive option when compared to other concrete replacement methods. Mudjacking may save you fifty percent or more on your concrete repair in Dallas.

If you have a concrete problem that requires a repair, this is one option you will want to consider as you decide on a foundation repair path. Patios, driveways, and most surfaces covered in concrete have a tendency to crack and sink over time, which can create hazards and become unattractive. If you require concrete repair, here’s what you need to know about mudjacking from S&W Foundation.

What is Mudjacking?Sinking

Mudjacking (or mud jacking) is an option for lifting concrete slabs that have become crooked or cracked or which have sunk over time. The process uses a mortar-based mix where a slurry is pumped under a slab to lift and support the sinking concrete. When the mud mixture is first injected under the concrete, it’s in a liquid form, but it hardens over time.

The mixture fills in the empty spaces under the concrete and forces the concrete to rise as the mixture dries. The mixture is denser and harder than soil, but it’s not as hard as concrete. The mixture helps support the concrete slab better than soil that may shift and settle over time. In some cases, mudjacking is an appropriate solution when used with an additional technique.

When is it a Good Idea to Consider Mudjacking?

Any concrete surface can undergo mudjacking including your driveway, the steps up to your home, or the patio in the backyard. Other candidates for mudjacking include basement floors, sidewalks, pools, and garage floors. Large structures like grain bins, boat ramps, and parking lots are also surfaces that may undergo mudjacking.

If your concrete surface is a candidate for mudjacking, the main reason to consider it is because it may reduce the overall cost of your foundation repair. Concrete may sink over time due to a variety of reasons, and cracks may appear over time even when the slab isn’t yet ready for repair or mudjacking. An inspection from our team will help you decide whether you need to consider repair.

What is the Repair Timeline with Mudjacking?

In addition to its less expensive cost, mudjacking may only take a few hours for our team to complete for smaller jobs like steps, patios, and driveways. If you have a larger project, such as a parking lot or warehouse floor, the timeline might stretch as long as an entire day, but rarely will it stretch longer than a day.

After the mudjacking is complete, you can use the surface within four to six hours. So, for example, if you’re having a driveway repaired, you should be able to use average size vehicles on the driveway after four to six hours. You might need to wait slightly longer when large vehicles are normally driven or parked on the surface.

Mudjacking from S&W Foundation

We can handle any concrete repair job whether it’s a small job at a residential home or a huge project at a commercial property. If you’re in need of concrete repair in Dallas or any of the surrounding communities around the Dallas-Fort Worth area, contact us today to find out how we can help solve your concrete and foundation problems.