French Drain Installation

Your foundation may sink, crack, or become damaged over time because of a lack of support from the ground under it, and S&W Foundation can provide a solution to a wet and unstable foundation with a French drain system. A French drain is a fix to consider when you have a lawn that always seems soggy and wet, and the concept is actually a very simple one.

Read on to discover more about French drains and foundation repair and how S&W Foundation can install one of these helpful devices at your home.

What is a French Drain?foundation repair dallas

A French drain isn’t hard to understand and is essentially a modestly sloped trench that we fill with small pieces of gravel. We bury a perforated pipe within the gravel underground that helps to divert extra water away from the home, as well as your foundation.

If you have underlying soil that’s clay based, you may face standing water issues on a regular basis, and problems with the slope (or lack of it) in your yard may also cause drainage problems that a French drain could fix.

Important! A French drain is, conceptually, a simple device. However, improper installation may actually increase the problems you have with drainage and moisture in your lawn. It’s essential to hire a professional foundation repair company to handle your French drain installation.

Don’t risk an increase in your foundation problems with a poorly installed French drain.

How Does a French Drain Work?

Before a French drain is installed, your repair and installation expert will examine your property to determine the best placement for the drain. In most cases, placement will occur where there are drainage problems. Once the French drain is installed on the lawn, the extra water will start to subside from the surface, as well as within the soil.

As a property owner, you may have a few options as far as where your drain will direct the water. Some property owners will have the water directed into a nearby drainage ditch, and other homeowners might have the water drain into the street. Deciding where the drain will direct the water is a topic that will be discussed during the initial inspection of the property.

Standing Water Can Destroy Your Home?

One of the most harmful things that may negatively impact your home is water. Unfortunately, water that remains stuck in or on top of your lawn may eventually cause significant destruction of your foundation. Water may cause your foundation to shift and crack due to the softening of the soil, and cracks in your foundation may cost a significant amount to fix.

Additionally, standing water or a soggy lawn can also cause cosmetic damage to your home and property. Sagging floors, crooked doors, and cracked concrete can make a nice home look dilapidated and appear as though its owner doesn’t take care of it. Water can also cause a buildup of mold and mildew, which can prove to be very dangerous to anyone with allergies.

S&W Foundation French Drain Installation

Don’t let water negatively impact your home and damage your foundation. If you have problems with standing water on your lawn, or you fear your yard and the area around your foundation don’t have adequate drainage, contact S&W Foundation in Dallas for a consultation and to see if a French drain is right for your home. Get in touch today to discuss your options for getting rid of that soggy lawn.