Whether you own your house outright or you’re making payments each month with a mortgage, your home and property represent a significant investment that requires regular repair, maintenance, and inspections.

S&W Foundation can help fix a variety of foundation issues that may occur over time from sinking and cracked foundations to foundation replacement to mud jacking and French drain installation. Read on to discover how we can provide you with the maintenance and foundation repairyou need for your Richardson, Texas home.

Foundation Repairs in Richardson foundation repair richardson

With more than two decades of experience providing Dallas foundation repair to clients across the Dallas region, S&W Foundation specializes in all types of foundation repair, including traditional pier and beam foundations, as well as common slab foundations. If you think your home might have a foundation problem, or you believe your commercial building might be sinking, now’s the time to call us for an inspection.

Foundation problems only get worse over time, and the damage can multiply if you don’t take care of them promptly. Your foundation problems won’t stop with cracked concrete. Soon, you’ll see cracks along your walls and ceilings, and you may eventually find that you can no longer open and close your windows or shut your doors without great effort. Save yourself money and hassle by getting your foundation problems fixed now.

Richardson Foundation Repair Cost

If you inspect your home for possible foundation problems each year, you may be able to catch a foundation problem early and enjoy a low cost for foundation repair. On the other hand, if you leave your foundation for many months or years before seeking assistance, you’ll probably experience quite a few problems that extend well beyond the foundation.

Remember that foundation problems eventually impact almost every facet of your home, from the walls and ceilings to the moving parts (like doors and windows). A foundation problem that’s left to grow over time may not only require significant investment in Dallas foundation repair, but you may also find it necessary to fix other parts of the house, too. The price can truly balloon when other parts of the house beyond the foundation are involved.

Pier and Beam Foundations

The pier and beam foundation is found in many homes built before the 1970s when builders began employing concrete slab foundations. If you’re not sure what type of foundation you have, all you have to do is take a look at the base of your home. If you have a crawl space beneath the first floor of your home, you probably have a pier and beam foundation.

A variety of issues can impact your pier and beam foundation, and the most common problem is often sagging of the floor or deterioration of the beams that support it. Occasionally, the soil might sink in one area under the house, which means one of the piers will sink along with it. A problem with moisture or mildew can also cause issues with your foundation, and an inspection can help identify potential issues.

Slab Foundations

Slab foundations are quite common in modern homes, but their modernity doesn’t make them immune from foundation problems. A great builder will account for the natural settling and minor movement expected of your home, but you may eventually experience foundation issues that cause structural problems in your home.

Just like the problems you might experience with a pier and beam foundation, a slab foundationmay also prove problematic when you start to see cracks in the walls, bulging floors, and doors that you have to slam to get them to shut completely. Unfortunately, you might not even realize you have a problem with your slab foundation until the damage is quite extensive.

Retaining Walls

A common sight along the edges of homes and businesses is a retaining wall, and you might assume these structures are quite sturdy since they’re often so thick and made of concrete. Unfortunately, retaining walls can become unstable or damaged over time, just like foundations, and S&W Foundation can help you repair your concrete retaining wall or any wall made of any material.

A wet season can cause significant problems with a retaining wall, particularly if the soil on one side of the wall becomes saturated and never dries because of the permanent shade from the retaining wall. One of the easiest ways to tell whether your retaining wall has become unstable is a noticeable lean to the wall.  It’s essential to have your retaining wall checked out quickly, so you don’t experience failure of the wall or a dangerous situation where someone is hurt by a falling wall.

Mudjacking & French Drains

In addition to traditional foundation repair, S&W Foundation also provides mudjacking as a foundation repair alternative and French drain installation for wet and soggy yards. Mudjacking is a less expensive option for repairing broken concrete, and you might be able to save money repairing your sidewalk, patio, driveway, or another area of your home via mudjacking.

Another option to consider if you’re dealing with a soggy lawn is a French drain, which is an innovative solution for getting water to flow properly away from a home. You might want to consider a French drain if you’re dealing with a lawn that’s always soggy or water that won’t flow away from the foundation of your home. A French drain can help you avoid foundation problems before they start.

Foundation Repair in Richardson

Your home probably represents the most expensive purchase you’ve ever made, and ensuring you fix foundation problems immediately can help you save thousands of dollars in repair costs during the time you own your home. Foundation problems can spell doom for your entire house, and an unstable foundation can eventually transform your home into a dangerous structure.

If you think your Richardson home might have a foundation problem,contactthe professionals of S&W Foundation immediately. We’ll inspect your home or business and let you know what steps are required to repair your foundation and ensure that additional damage doesn’t occur. Let our foundation repair experts take care of your home or business. No job is too large or too small for us to provide excellent, efficient, and cost-effective foundation repair in Richardson.