Slabjacking sunken concrete can often be repaired using a procedure called slab or mud jacking. We drill holes through your concrete and pump a slurry under it to lift the concrete until it is even. The holes are then filled to resemble the slab as close as possible and your concrete is ready to be used again!

Advantages to Slabjacking:

  • Low cost in comparison to replacement. You can expect to pay approximately one-third of the price of new concrete.
  • No major concrete removal so there is less noise, dust, and debris.
  • No wait time. Once the slab has been lifted, it can be used immediately.
  • Can be done rain or shine.
  • Landscaping does not need to be affected.
  • The slurry pumped under the slab to re-align it will reinforce and stabilize the slab.
  • The holes required to pump the slurry are relatively small and can easily be camouflaged to match the current concrete.