Eventually, your exterior French drain will need to be serviced. When it does, a trench must be dug around the perimeter of your foundation.

An exterior footing drain could be completely clogged with soil and roots.

Any landscaping located close to the house, such as garden beds, steps, shrubbery, porches, patios, decks, and walkways must be removed. This, of course, adds significant cost to the job and may leave your home looking messy for many weeks.

The failed exterior French drain or drain tile system will then be replaced with an identical one. After this, loose soil will be filled back in and will hold even more foundation water.

After a year, the earth against your foundation will settle and need to be re-graded once more. In a decade or so, the whole process may need to be repeated again.

Often, houses that have a flooded basement also have a failed exterior French drain system. Contact us for a free consultation on your specific drainage situation. We ensure that water is properly drained away from your foundation.