Epoxy injection is an ideal way to structurally repair cracked concrete, seal leaks, and stabilize vibrating machine bases. Epoxy crack injection products are specifically designed to be dispensed through two-component mixing and metering injection equipment, and are all 100% solids and contain no solvents or fillers.

S&W Foundation Contractors offers installations with a wide selection of specialized materials for architectural precast panels, underwater, low and high application temperatures, high structure temperatures, chemical and radiation resistance, large voids, narrow cracks, plate bonding, wooden beams, and structures subject to vibration during installation. We are known nationwide as a recognized leader in concrete crack repair technology. With a wide selection of concrete repair materials, specialized equipment and experienced technicians are able to repair and seal concrete cracks as small as 0.05 mm (0.002″) in width.


All concrete and wood structures


  • Restore structural and/or design strength to the cracked concrete structure
  • Eliminate concrete spalling initiated by cracking and aggravated by freeze-thaw cycling
  • Prevent corrosion of reinforcing steel and pre-stress tendons by encapsulating them against moisture
  • Stop the leakage of air, water, and fluids through concrete structures
  • Inexpensive when compared with the remove and replace option

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