Limited Access Pier Drilling

Does your commercial building or home have a sinking problem? Are you worried about the stability of the structure and the safety of everyone in it? Sinking buildings aren’t uncommon in the Dallas area and certainly aren’t something to be ignored. At S&W Foundation Repair, we offer limited access pier drilling to our customers who have commercial foundation problems.

What is Limited Access Pier Drilling?Limited Access Pier Drilling

Limited Access Drilling is pier drilling in a limited amount of space and requires smaller equipment and deep earth penetration. Overhead could be 6-8ft and standard rigs cant fit into that space.

When you find that your building has a foundation problem, it’s extremely difficult to access the foundation and find a way to stabilize it. Limited access drilling takes us and our machinery underneath of your building to drill holes up to 100 feet deep. Our foundation engineers then place reinforced concrete cylinders in the holes to stabilize your building. This process is no easy feat and takes patience to do it safely and effectively, which is the only way our foundation company does things.

Why Choose S&W Foundation Repair?

Our crews and engineers have worked in spaces with less than 6 feet of head room. We get the job done regardless of the challenges and problems we’re faced with. Our customers are important to us and so is the stability of their commercial buildings. We take our job seriously, knowing that our foundation repairs need to last a lifetime and provide a safe environment for those inside your building. To learn more about your commercial foundation repair options, contact us today!