Commercial Foundation Repair

The foundation of your building provides essential support for your business, and S & W Foundation is your reliable, experienced, and efficient source for industrial foundation repair and commercial drilling and repair. As a winner of Quality Contractor of the Year Award, S & W is fully-licensed and insured by the Texas State License Board. Our professionals can handle any situation whether it stems from poor drainage, tree roots, shoddy construction, or the natural aging of your property.

What Problems May Indicate a Foundation Problem?images

There are several potential problems that may occur with a foundation that is impacted by issues that vary from natural disasters like landslides to maintenance issues like broken gutters. As a business owner and property owner, it’s important to take note of any changes you may see inside and outside your building. Early detection of problems is the best way to avoid the most costly repairs.

Here are some of the problems you may see that indicate a visit from S & W Foundation is necessary to perform an inspection and possible commercial foundation repair.

  • Cracks in the walls – inside or outside
  • Floors that slope or look uneven
  • Cracks along the ceiling
  • Slab cracks
  • Walls that bow or bend
  • Windows and doors that stick
  • Noticeably sinking foundation
  • A foundation that seems to be shifting
  • Foundation chips and flakes

The appearance of these issues often means a foundation problem has existed for some time and has become serious enough that it has impacted the building that sits upon the foundation, as well as its structural integrity. Regular inspections of the foundation can help you avoid costly repairs after the foundation has become unstable or unsafe. S & W Foundation can also assist with any level of repairs from minor to major.

What Causes Foundation Problems?

Foundation problems may occur because of a variety of issues. Some issues are due to poor maintenance and others are due to bad weather or changes in the soil around the building. Here are some of the most common reasons a foundation may shift or become damaged over time:

  • Landslides that occur after bad weather
  • Shoddy or poor construction
  • Leaks within the building’s plumbing
  • Overall weight of the structure
  • Tree roots that penetrate and dehydrate the soil
  • Soil that is too wet or over-saturated
  • Bad drainage away from the building
  • Broken or improperly installed gutters
  • Shrinkage of soil over time

An inspection can catch many of these issues before they start to impact the foundation. Proper installation of various building features – such as the gutters and landscaping – can also help you avoid foundation problems.

However, if you do find that your gutters have been saturating the soil for the past six months or cracks in the foundation have started to appear, it’s essential to contact S & W Foundation immediately for assistance in diagnosing and fixing the foundation issue.

Commercial and Industrial Foundation Repair

Virtually all industrial foundations will need repair at a certain point because concrete is porous and vulnerable to a variety of problems. Your foundation might need repair because you house heavy equipment in your factory, or the general passage of time, root growth, and wet weather may cause the foundation to gradually deteriorate.

Do you have questions about the foundation of your business structure? Have you noticed any odd changes in the appearance of your business? Reduce the potential costs involved in fixing your commercial foundation by calling S & W Foundation as soon as possible for an inspection and recommendation on your business, commercial, or industrial foundation repair.