Dallas Commercial Pier Drilling Experts

Drilling since 1986 and specializing in commercial pier drilling in areas with limited access, we have tackled some of the toughest commercial & turnkey drilling projects. With the wide diversity of foundation repair equipment, we can meet the requirements of even the most difficult projects and make the impossible a successful project.

Based in Rowlett, Texas, S&W Foundation Contractors will travel anywhere in the United States.


Our newest rig added to our fleet in 2013 is only 9 ft. wide, drills in 17ft of headroom and can drill to depths of 60 ft.

We can perform a wide range of commercial drilling services:

In 2008, we completed an excavation and pier replacement project under an existing hotel. We replaced and installed 300 new piers to support the building while the hotel was still in operation.

We want to tackle your project. Contact today to discuss how we can meet your schedule and manpower requirements.

S&W Foundation Drilling Equipment