Tom Witherspoon

Tom Witherspoon ADSC is the International Association of Foundation Drilling Contractors, which is an approximate 1,100 member trade organization composed of; foundation contractors, engineers (technical affiliates) and material suppliers (associate members). ADSC continues to be the source for information and the industry resource for drilled piers, tie-backs and anchored earth retention and micro piles. My role as President is to steer this organization for the next 2 years in continuing a tradition of excellence in this industry.

This I will do with a feature article in Foundation Drilling for each edition of Foundation Drilling, traveling to each of the 8 chapters in the states and implementing policy to keep this organization at the forefront of our industry. Although this office is an honor, it is especially rewarding since no Category III contractor has ever been elected President (there are 4 categories of US contractors: category 1, category 2, category 3 and category 4 with 1 being the largest and 4 being the smallest).

Although S & W is one of the smaller contractors, we have achieved national recognition for innovation and competence in the field of Low Headroom/Limited Access foundation drilling.

I will continue to assist S & W Foundation with innovation in the field of Limited Access drilling for commercial and residential projects and excellence in the Foundation Repair Industry and act as a link between engineers and project managers during the design and bidding phase.

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